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Around 300 000 of people live in Uralsk city. Urlask is the capital of West Kazakhsatn Oblast that borders on 5 Russian providences Kuibyshev, Saratov, Orenburg, Volgograd, Astrakhan, and Atryau Oblast and Aktobe Oblast.

The climate of Uralsk is extremely continental: the average temperature in January is 15C and in July 16C. However, temperatures can reach +40C in summer time and -40C in winter time. So, it is up to you to decide when you would like to visit this nice city.

Approximately 40% of Uralsk population is Russians. So, if you don’t speak either Russian or Kazakh languages you will find it hard to communicate with the local population. Not many people speak English here.

Uralsk is an isolated city, but this is its benefit for people not liking the fuss of city life. Uralsk benefits from the oil money. This money gets on the improvement of the city, its parks, new theaters, new stores, new symphony hall and a new stadium.

Uralsk is definitely and interesting place to visit, especially for those, interested in history. From this point of view Uralsk has to offer many interesting historical places and monuments: Historical Museum, Museum of Manshuk Mametova, Saken Gumarov’s Gallery, etc. If you like theater, Kazakh Dramatic Theater and Russian Theater are waiting for you. Interesting enterprises to see are Promedan, Atrium, Ice Palace and Kazakhstan movie.

During winter time Uralsk is a host of a great winter festival, so if you are interested in this, you better visit Uralsk during winter time. Each year on the 19th of January the river is blessed by Russian Church and holes are made in the ice. People stay on ice, strip to the underwear or a swimming suit and jump in the river, dunk themselves there three times and when get out drink a shot of vodka and eat a pickle. This procedure is called Eskimo Swim. It is said to help you get rid of all sins and promotes good health. The experience is very cold, but fun. Thousands of people take participation in Eskimo swim every year; these are the residents of the city as well as its visitors.

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