Uralsk Restaurants

Kazakhstan is very famous for its cuisine. The analogs of many dishes cannot be found in any other country. Uralsk invites you to visit its nice restaurants and enjoy excellent food beverage and service.

Akzhol Restaurant offers you European and Kazakh dishes. The restaurant operates 24 hours, so you can drop there at any time of the day or night. You can also arrange different banquets and parties there. There are two halls in the restaurant: big hall includes 140 seats and a small hall – 20 of seats. Waiters speak Russian and Kazakh. Life music is available.

Alma-Ata is a nice restaurant located in the immediate proximity to Philarmonic that operates from 12 p.m. till midnight. The restaurant includes two VIP halls, consisting of 35 and 150 seats consequently. Waiters speak Russian, Kazakh and English. Additional services include billiards.
Asia Restaurant serves European, Japanese and Kazakh food. Its banquet room consists of 25 seats. Music and entertainment is custom-made. Waiters speak Russian and Kazakh.
Atlantica Restaurant is a great restaurant located in the downtown of Uralsk that invites the gourmets of European cuisine to enjoy here a great time with live music, Eastern dances and ballet. Bar is also available. Menu is in Russian language, waiters speak Russian and Kazakh.
Aidana Restaurant is located nearby the Ice Palace and serves Russian, Kazakh and European cuisine. The hall rooms 220 seats. The restaurant operates from 12 p.m. to 2 a.m. Waiters speak Russian and Kazakh. From music background music and live music is available. Additional services include billiards, bar, karaoke, hotel and banquets.
No matter what restaurant you choose when you are in Uralsk, be sure you will enjoy your stay there and the food will be excellent. Kazakhs are known for being a very friendly and hospitable nation.

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