My journey to get the Russian wife in 2017

When I first heard about online dating I was thinking about being close friends on social networks that are the thing number one that is used for everyday communication. And it is not a secret that some people find their half due to the opportunities that are given to us in the contemporary world of technologies and developments. But, personally, I had been always thinking about that such way of searching for a wife or a husband is not very safe. There are a lot of cheaters and you never know whether you speak to the real person or not. Later on, I had the opportunity to meet my old friend that got married to a Russian woman. In my opinion, he could have just gone to Russia in order to discover the country and find a love. But, as he points out, he met his love on dating service online. So I made a decision to meet my single lady that will help me to make happy and solid families together.

I believe that Slavic women, especially the Russian wife, are one of the best when it comes to making solid family values and learning how to enjoy life with the people you love the most. Such ladies are not just very attractive outside – their inner world is full of happiness, kindness, honesty, responsibility etc. Another thing I really liked about all the women in Russia is that they are always ready to face new challenges this life prepares for them. They are flexible in the sense of moving to another country and even continent. Of course, it will be difficult to them to assimilate but that process doesn’t last too long and girls from Russia prove that they have big brain capacity.

After all, I decided to go to the online dating service where my friend found his wife and date some of the single ladies in order to give it a try. I went for which I found really good, informative and helpful. Before I actually made my personal account I made a quick research to be able to find more and more information about online dating. I was surprised to find out about its features that I noticed on the dating service that was chosen by me. So these are:

  • Verification process – is it necessary to go through checking? The question is simple – it is absolutely necessary to become verified after the registration request is being sent by new users. This is actually the first thing that proves that the person I’m going to communicate with is real.
  • Search engines. Due to the detailed search engines, members of are able to search for particular matches and this is how I found my wife on this online journey. I just had to choose a few characteristics that I wanted my future half to have and managed to discover lots of interesting Russian women with such parameters.

  • Live chat rooms. There are just a few types of live chats – the video one and the standard one. When it comes to video chatting this way of communicating also allows avoiding women scammers because you have the opportunity to see your woman through the camera. The second one is a great way to share messages online without waiting and delaying, as well as different media files. If you are having troubles with language and your half is not able to support the conversation, you can feel free to use translating additional service that is offered by
  • Storage. All the photos and also videos that are being sent by users are saved to the storage of the dating website. This is how I made sure the things I send are in safe and away from other systems.

My journey of finding Russian wife was very fast and, at the same time, interesting due to the opportunities that were given me by online dating service. 

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