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We have joined hundreds lonely hearts and our users are always thankful to us. That’s why we have chosen a couple useful advice on how to marry Russian woman.

Man by nature is “giving” person and a woman is “receiving” one. This is evidenced by the same sexual act (you give her your seed, so she takes it and continue the human race). Confirmation of this we often see in the animal world. Look closely and you will see that the female chooses the strongest male, because such alpha can give her not only the seed, but also protection, power, status, and food.

Modern men (not all of course, but some) have "slightly" relaxed. They do not try to figure out how to understand a woman, and believe that it is enough to give her just a body, sex once in a month and the minimum wage, and then she will feet happy. But they are seriously mistaken. But if you really want to live a life with the Russian women, you need to make efforts.

  1. Attention. You can demonstrate it in different ways:

-          gifts and flowers;

-          compromises;

-          responsive attitude to her business and concerns;

-          a sufficient amount of time that you are given to women;

-          adequate response to her speech and criticism, etc.

  1. Passion. In general, men wonder why his wife was such a passionate lover before the wedding, and now makes a face at the word "sex". Maybe she is tired of the monotony of an intimate act, your carelessness in bed, and disregard for her needs. Or maybe she's just tired, combining work and household chores, because there is no help from you. So, if you want to live happily, try not only love the girl, but also make love to her!
  2. Money. Women do not want to love the lazy guys and attempt to make such individual to earn more, otherwise they will find the man who will be able to provide them.
  3. Show your personal interest. Make compliment to her and remind your lady that she is the only one for you.
  4. Be a gentleman. What could be simpler than a sign of attention as to hold the door, put on a coat or help open the car door in front of a lady.
  5. Stay yourself. If you are ready and able to fight for your common happiness, do it. Believe in your strength and be sure everything will turn out.

Your task is to understand exactly what your woman wants, and give it to her, if you want to see her happy.

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