Free chat with Russian girls on the best online dating website in 2017

Hey, everyone, my name is Paul and I would like to share with you my love story. I’m 27, I live in Moscow and have my own business. Unfortunately my job took me all my free time and I had no place for private life, But I really wanted to love and be loved, I felt that I need to find my soul mate.

Once, I saw an ad of one of the best online dating sites and decided to try my luck. I registered on it in order to find free chat with Russian girls that will lead to some serious relationships and, to tell the truth, I wasn’t mistaken. In couple of days I saw a profile, that interested me a lot. There was a beautiful girl with charming dark eyes. I decided to write to her. We were chatting online for a month or more, and then I, when I had some free weekend, I arranged a date. Fortunately, she agreed. But the main problem for ne was: how to choose the perfect place for the first date? I found the decision of my problem at the website, there was a lot of articles on that topic. I would like to share one of them.


Where to go on a first date with a girl?

 1.       Active leisure

The first place I rightfully give dates related to physical activity. Namely, dancing and roller skating, cycling (or karting, etc.). If your date goes active, it is the beginning of a good chance to continue. And when you're doing something that truly gives you pleasure, you'll be cheerful, positive, and you will have immense energy and drive.

In addition, it is also a good way to show your best side, if you are a good skater, or vice versa, if you are not perfect dancer, but you really love it, just do not hesitate and always be ready with a passion and a sense of humor to explore new different areas of life (remember that purposeful, active and interesting guys always attract more girls).

Just do not be ashamed of the fact that you do not know how to dance. All were once newcomers. Besides, after the first time you probably want to come back more than once! I do not go to the dance, but many of my friends do, it is a great place for dating with a woman, and for general entertainment. All of these places for the first date are just an example. You can come up with something of your own.

For example, if you live in or near the sea, water skiing or go ride a quad bike in the countryside will be a perfect choice.

2.       Entertainment establishments

Viewing interesting film will give you positive emotions and the topic before the end of the date (important fact: the date should not only consist of a single film, it will be a great addition to the main part of the date). And if you remain silent in the dark and watch a movie, and then immediately get home, you will not interest the girl. You can also play billiards or bowling etc.

Do not hesitate to offer a girl to play in the children's slot machines, or some competitions in the amusement park. Rivalry in the game will not only bring positive emotions, but also will make you closer! In such a way you can provide good mood for both of you. It’s not a secret that all people love to play in something, and spending your first date ou can be sure, that your girl will remember it for a long time.

3.       Street

If you possess a sufficient level of self-confidence, sense of humor and sociability, it does not take much for you to interest the girl on "the street".

Of course, a walk "from house to house" is not good. It is necessary to designate a date in the most beautiful places in your city and when it is spring or summer outside, and you can enjoy the sunset and walk through the beautiful evening streets of your city, on the embankment of the river.

Do not walk too long, or even agree to date on the street, when a strong wind blows or it rains, because the girl can be cold and uncomfortable. Also consider the point that even if you will be warm, the girl often, especially on a first date dressed in a beautiful (but in 90% of cases) cold clothing - short skirt, a light jacket, blouse with a neckline, etc.

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